WRP Supporters

The performances at Western Reserve Playhouse would not be possible without the generous support of our advertisers and benefactors are listed below. We would like to thank all who have supported our programs over the years.

The income from ticket sales covers only a portion of the costs of the season. It is the generosity of our donors that lights our stage and fills it with music and drama.

Benefactors ($1,000 – $4,999)
Bath Community Fund
Mark & Cathy Schikowski Family Charitable Foundation
Mrs. Robert J. Wilson

Stars ($500-$999)
Bath-Richfield Kiwanis
Bath Volunteers for Service
Sam Laferty
The Lubrizol Foundation

Angels ($250-$499)
Aetna Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Steele *
Bethel Lutheran Church
Bill Thistlewaite
Marie & Marc Dusini *
Gus & Shirley Tischer
Richard W. Munsey
Wendi Volkert-Lyman
Robert & Annamae Orr Foundation
Michael & Polly Wheeler
Sue Snyder *

Rising Stars ($100-$249)
Cynthia Capaul
Landis & Judy Coffman
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Minch
Don & Anne Heckerman
Jordan & Dia Ray *
Walt & Karen Kaminski
Maurice & Rosemary Levoyer
Martin S. Pekarcik
Smith Brothers, Inc.
Todd & Nina Lane
Jack D. Stanford

Sponsors (Up to $99)
Harold E. Allen
David Klainer
Allstate Insurance Company
Ruth E. Knopp
George R. Bakalar
Richard & Nina Lane
Cecelia Bartunek
Eileen & Stephen Moushey
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Ilko
Gianna Karis
Thomas & Jennifer Burke
Pat Robertell-Hudson
Frank & Arlene Dusini
Frances Ryan
William G. Gelatka
Mary M. Ryan
Carlene Groeger
Walter “Bud” Wisnieski
David Hinebaugh


* Western Reserve Playhouse Board Member