Our first YAT Camp Show is this weekend!


Our campers ands staff have been working hard this past three weeks to bring to life this wonderful musical.

Shows are June 21-23, 2019 with our Friday and Saturday Shows at 7PM and our Sunday show is at 2PM. Tickets are only $10.00 for 3 and UP and 3 and under are free!

Let’s Meet The Cast:

Anne- Ali Schimnoeller
Jack- Caden Jones
Morgan/Polly- Abigail Bechter
Reeling the Seagull- Nyah Tousley
Pedro the Pelican- Violet Williams
Corey the Crab- Violette Vukoder
Stella the Starfish- Skyler Palmer
First Mate- Gigi Kennedy
Captain Bones- Zachary Ray
Plainly/Pelican- Aaliyah Tousley
Blinky/Lobster- Norman Updegraff
Slinky/Crab- C.C. Messner
Stinky/Jellyfish- Jack Stulak
Betty- Scarlett Dudley
Molly- Emma Kalal
Jonah- Anthony Nigro
Natalie- Ava Wells
Wilhelmina- Ella Lenze
Patricia- Maya Updegraff
Crab #2- Nadia Yamokowski
Lizard #1- Andrew Yamokoski 
Lizard #2- Jonny Sage
Lobster #1- Colin Yamokoski 
Lobster #3- Jasper Herman
Starfish #1- Vivian Vukoder
Jellyfish #1- Ethan Williams
As of June 20, 2019 – Both the June 21st & 23rd show is SOLD OUT! Walk ups are welcomed and will get a seat around our main seating area.