Congratulations! Our Final Show Has a Cast!

Western Reserve Playhouse is pleased to announce the talented cast of our 2019 Season Production of


“Happy Hollandaise”

By Tim Koenig

Directed by Ian Atwood- Stage Managed – Hannah Hilty-
Costumes-Michael James  – Light/Set Design- Daniel Hunsicker Sound/Set Build- Justin Herman-Props – Brianna Joi


George Finley – Christian Achkar

Father William Abbott – Ben Arrington

Claire Finley – Victoria Kirgesner

Irene Quigley – Kayla Lehman 

Vilma/Helga Hasenpheffer – Mia Radabaugh

Alice Abernathy –  Kristina Rivera

Philip Finley – Dennis Runkle

Larry Finch – Shane Stahl 

Mary Abbott – Leah Thompson 

“Happy Hollandaise” runs at Western Reserve Playhouse from December 6-21, 2019

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Again, Congratulations!!!! 


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