Committed Actor Andrew Gordon Shaken and Stirred as Martini in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ at Western Reserve Playhouse

Andrew Gordon is committed — literally — to making his first show at Western Reserve Playhouse a memorable one. He will be portrayin the mental ward patient Martini in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, which will be presented May 11-26.

The classic drama by Dale Wasserman, based on the book by Ken Kesey, will be directed for WRP by Co-Artistic Director Brian Westerley. The cast also includes April Deming, Ryan Rasnick, Ryan Dyke, Joe Turner, Dennis Burby, Craig Webb, Marc Dusini, Irv Korman, Abby Morris, Vince Sarowatz, Bradley Haramis, David Wagar, Mikhayla Wilkins and Annette Fernandez.

The venue is located at 3326 Everett Road in Bath. To reserve tickets, please visit the company website at

Andrew has worked in community theatre for over 10 years. He has played a variety of roles including Jesus/Stephen Hawking in End Days, Mike Connor in Philadelphia Story, and Pinocchio in Shrek. He has also been acting in film and TV for several years mostly in the Cleveland and Pittsburgh area.

LandOfCleve: Describe yourself in 25 words or less.

Andrew: Once you get past the sarcasm, I’m fun, witty and I love my family and friends (slightly more than beer).

LandOfCleve: Where were you born, and where did you grow up?

Andrew: Born and raised in Massachusetts. Grew up in Longmeadow and spent my formative years in Boston.

LandOfCleve: Where do you live now, and where do you work?

Andrew: I live in Twinsburg Township and my wife and I run a consulting business together called Pricing Empowered as well as a webs scraping service.

LandOfCleve: What are your other Northeast Ohio connections?

Andrew: I also work as an actor in local film, TV and commercials as close as Cleveland and as far away as CT.

LandOfCleve: How did your background and education prepare you for a career in the theatre?

Andrew: I was sucked into theatre by my kids. My background working in the music entertainment field in buying and promotions helped prepare me from being in front of large crowds and speaking in public.

LandOfCleve:  Tell us about a few of your favorite past local stage and/or screen experiences.

Andrew: I really enjoyed playing the dual role of Jesus and Stephen Hawking in End Days at River Street Theatre. It was a fun role and required some quick changes. I also recently did a short film called Worker Bea and have been lucky enough to be in several films as an actor and stand-in and enjoyed being on set and watching many great actors perform in film.

LandOfCleve: What character do you play in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and what is your approach to your role?

Andrew: I play the character of Martini. I take a method acting approach to my roles, which can sometimes drive my wife crazy. I researched the symptoms of my character and spend a lot of time practicing the physicality of my character in addition to my lines. I want my portrayal to be as realistic as possible and not come off as a caricature.

LandOfCleve: How have the director, cast and crew collaborated to bring this show to life?

Andrew: Our director, Brian Westerley, has immersed himself in reading the book and doing tons of research on mental health and went as far as to let us go to Portage Path Emergency Services to witness an actual facility and talk with the people there. We also had a charcter day where we given questions about our character to answer and then time to give our opinions on our own, and other, characters.

LandOfCleve: What can audiences expect when they come see the show?

Andrew: They will see a different show experience them they are used to. The characters will not be afraid to break the fourth wall nor will they feel the need to “cheat out” to the audience. They can expect to laugh, be sad, be mad, etc. They will be invested in these people’s lives.

LandOfCleve: What are your dream roles or types of characters you’d like to play in the future?

Andrew: Simple — Ash in Evil Dead!

LandOfCleve: What other upcoming projects and productions are you working on?

Andrew: I have a couple roles in different feature films and will be trying out for the 10-10 Festival with my daughter in Chagrin.

LandOfCleve: What advice do you have for aspiring actors and actresses?

Andrew: Don’t take things personal. Take criticism and grow from it. Don’t play a character, be the character. Research your and study your roles. Acting is much more than remembering lines. Have a thick skin and observe everything you can.


WHO: Western Reserve Playhouse

WHAT: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Dale Wasserman, based on the book by Ken Kesey; directed by Brian Westerley

WHEN: May 11-26

WHERE: Western Reserve Playhouse, 3326 Everett Rd., Bath, OH 44286

HOW: To reserve tickets, please visit the company website at

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