A Word from Your Director About “Scotland Road”

This show is incredibly stylized; it’s written so, in order to give the show a sense of realism and to (hopefully) make you feel as if you are trapped in this room with these characters. Don’t be surprised to see actors doing “weird things” on stage or that there seems to be a blackout every few minutes – it’s all part of the controlled environment that we find ourselves in. There is no escape from this room. There is no escape from these people who aren’t exactly as they seem. It might jar you at first, but I guarantee that, after only a few short minutes, you’ll be on board with it as well. And once your mind is blown, you may need to see it again.
The end came for Titanic at 2:20 AM. 703 lives were rescued at daybreak by the Cunard liner Carpathia, whose captain had raced her through the night across 58 seemingly endless miles with the hope of making it to Titanic before she went down.